Moasure ONE's Latest Features

Difficult measurements just became simple with Moasure’s patented cutting-edge technology. Save time, money, and hassle with this first-of-its-kind device that draws & measures simultaneously and fits right in the palm of your hand.
  • Automatically measure and draw irregular perimeters & complex areas
  • NEW Rapidly generate accurate 3D Terrain map of any space
  • NEW Visualize your measurements with contours & calculate true surface area
  • NEW Visualize a 3D surface map and accurately calculate volume
  • NEW Cut & Fill volume calculator for site leveling
  • Easily export & share data directly from the app
  • No hidden costs or monthly fee

3D Terrain Mapping & Topography

Moasure ONE enables you to rapidly capture a 3D terrain map of your site and instantly visualize it using the new contour view. 

Capture a perimeter and then simply collect elevation points at gradient changes or in a grid pattern. Moasure PRO automatically calculates contour lines, allowing you to visualize the site topography.

Calculate true surface area

Switch from a 2D contour view to a 3D terrain map and instantly see the 3D surface area, taking the guesswork out of ordering the correct amount of surfacing material.

Site leveling with Cut & Fill

Having captured the 3D terrain map of the site, simply select the Cut and Fill tool and use the level slider to instantly calculate and visualize your material requirements.

The built-in tool calculates the cut and fill volumes required to level a site to your desired elevation. The net volume tool shows the amount of material that needs to be brought on or taken off site. 

A simple tap on the 'zero net volume' button displays the required elevation level to eliminate the need to move material on or off site.

Fixed Depth Volume Calculator

Calculate volumes more accurately allowing you to save on materials and quote more competitively.

The 'Add Depth' tool is specifically designed for calculating the volume of a material, such as mulch or aggregate, based on your measured surface area and desired depth of coverage.

At last, you can calculate accurate volumes of level, undulating or sloping sites.

Measure stockpiles more accurately

Simply capture the 3D surface map of the pile and the volume is calculated automatically.

Firstly, measure the stockpile's perimeter, followed by capturing elevation points across the surface of the stockpile. The 3D surface map and volume are instantly calculated.

3D Terrain Mapping & Volume Tutorial

Watch our tutorial to learn more about how to use these latest features.

How Moasure works

It really is rocket science.

Moasure uses the same technology that is used in rocket guidance systems to keep track of the rocket’s movement in space.

Moasure is completely self contained - it doesn't rely on GPS, lasers or an internet signal to measure. Instead, Moasure uses inertial motion sensors - accelerometers and gyros - to measure its own movement. As the user moves the Moasure module, it calculates how far it is being moved and in which direction it is moving; it does this hundreds of times each second.

Moasure works equally well in bright sunshine or complete darkness - it'll work underground in a cave, if that's where you want to measure!

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30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. If you would like to return your Moasure ONE, simply keep your original product packaging and accessories and ensure the device is in sellable condition (we know you have to use it). Get in touch with us to return the product within 30 days from purchase.

A measuring tool like no other

Save time, money, and hassle with this first-of-its-kind device that draws & measures simultaneously and fits right in the palm of your hand.