Moasure Honored as a 2024 Concrete Contractor Top Products Winner

Following a recent dual King’s Award for Enterprise win, the recognition of Moasure’s technological innovation continues overseas, as Moasure is named a 2024 Concrete Contractor Top Products award winner. Serving concrete construction professionals, Concrete Contractor issues resources for experts looking to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably. 

The 2024 Concrete Contractor Top Products award is representative of the concrete industry’s best products, as verified by end-users and concrete professionals alike. Exhibiting both innovation and utility, the awarded products are proven to address and solve common difficulties faced by construction contractors.

Concrete Contractor’s Editor, Jonathan Kozlowski acknowledges the advancements in the industry, and says The innovations being made in the concrete construction industry are second to none. Nowhere else would you be able to find such creative ideas solving the problems modern contractors face daily.

Using the pocket-sized tool to enhance measurement efficiency, Moasure continues to empower concrete and construction experts across the globe with its advanced motion-based technology. The game-changing impact of its tech has been previously acknowledged by numerous other industry awards, underscoring its relevance to professionals working across concrete and construction. 

Unlike traditional methods which require GPS or cell phone signal, Moasure relies on inertial motion-sensor technology and a proprietary Bluetooth app available via a smartphone or tablet. Optimizing efficiency and reliability when out on the job, construction professionals can use Moasure to streamline their workflows. Contractors can simply export 3D measurements directly to their preferred CAD programs such as AutoCAD, Vectorworks or SketchUp, and share them with clients and colleagues also. 

The growing recognition of Moasure’s extensive capabilities and benefits not only highlights its ingenuity, but also provides a platform to address ongoing and complex issues faced by those working across many industries. As Moasure continues to redefine the future of measuring, they remain steadfast in their dedication to customer feedback and continue to strive for innovative solutions. 

Discover how Moasure can revolutionize your workflows here.