Moasure Extension Pole

Until very recently, we have been recommending, what is essentially a selfie stick to use in conjunction with Moasure ONE, however in very recent user feedback, we are finding that although it saves bending over and helps to measure out of reach areas, it has in some circumstances meant users were unable to get consistent/accurate results from Moasure ONE.

Using a selfie stick or an extension pole attached will give inaccurate measurement results and in most circumstances make it difficult to allow the Moasure ONE to work.

We recommend using Moasure ONE without any attachment.

Moasure ONE uses motion sensors to make measurements, the tool has been optimised for use in the hand. We realise an attachment that saves the user from bending over would be beneficial to new and existing customers, so we are currently developing a custom extension pole solution for Moasure ONE.

If you are already a Moasure ONE customer, you will be notified by email when this is available to order, if you are not an existing customer, please register your email address for our newsletter (in the footer of the website) and we'll notify you when it's available along with our exciting developments.