2.1 App Update Release Note

2.1 App Update Release Note

We're thrilled to announce the latest update for Moasure, packed with exciting features and enhancements based on your valuable feedback. In the 2.1 app update, we've focused on providing you with even more customization options for your exports.

What's New:

DXF Export Improvements

Export 3D Surface and Contours to DXF:

  • Moasure now allows you to export 3D surface and contours directly to DXF files, enhancing compatibility with CAD programs.
Multi-Unit Support for DXF Files:
  • DXF files now export in centimeters, meters, inches, yards, and feet, aligning with selected export units for consistent measurement output.
Enhanced Crosshairs Visibility:
  • Crosshairs in DXF files are now presented on a separate layer, offering enhanced visibility customization in CAD programs.

Improvements to PDF Exports

Expanded PDF Export Options:

  • Introducing new export options for Contour, Surface, Cut/Fill, and Volume. In the export configuration menu, you can now add pages to your document for the Contour and Surface Views.

     3D View Export Option:

    •  Gain more control over your PDF exports with the 3D view export option. Now, you can decide whether to include a 3D version of your measurement in your PDF, adding a new dimension to your customization capabilities.

       Add Depth and Cut/Fill reports

      • Moasure 2.1 introduces the ability to export figures and images onto your PDF from the 'Add Depth' and Cut/Fill tools. Share detailed depth information and cut/fill reports with ease, facilitating collaboration with colleagues and presenting results to customers.
      Imperial Scales for Engineering and Architectural Units:
      • Moasure now supports imperial scales in both engineering and architectural units. You can choose scales like 1" = 1'-0".
      Fixed Grid Size for PDFs:
      • When exporting your measurements, Moasure now ensures a fixed grid size on the paper. For imperial units, the grid will be printed at one inch intervals on the paper, while for metric units, the grid will be printed at 2cm intervals.

      Toggle Labels/Points of Interest in Export Settings:
      • Labels and Points of Interest can now be easily turned on or off in the export configuration settings. If you find labels obstructive, simply toggle off their visibility in the settings, and your PDF will include an additional page showing measurements with labels, along with the original page without them.
      Poster Size (24" x 36") Export:
      • We understand the importance of accommodating various document sizes. Moasure now supports exporting in poster size (24" x 36"), providing you with larger and more detailed documents for your measurement projects.

        Image Export Customization

        Fine-Tune Images:

        • Customize images with the ability to Show/Hide logos and background images, allowing you to create polished presentations.
        Image Size Preferences:
        • Set image sizes according to your preferences for a professional and tailored presentation.

        Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback. Moasure app 2.1 update is designed with your needs in mind, offering enhanced customization options for a seamless measuring experience.  Update now and explore Moasure's possibilities!

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